We are a Financial GPS, which simply means we offer Guided Planning Strategies. If you’re like me and have ever been lost while traveling it can be very frustrating and overwhelming. Having a GPS can be a life saver and that’s where we come in to help. We guide clients through the process of finding out where they are today financially, which is Point ‘A’, and where they want to go, by using our Financial GPS system to get there.

“Are we there yet?”

Yes, . . . yes we are!

We specialize in:

> Helping families and business owners with tax planning strategies. This includes reducing or even eliminating dependency on banks and government programs.

> Helping parents navigate through college funding options. This includes understanding how each funding option can effect their child’s FAFSA student loan application and the tax consequence.

> Helping small business owners get to the next level of growth. This includes alternatives to future working capital and employee benefit programs with little or no cost to the owner.

> Helping hard working clients looking for alternative retirement options. This includes maximizing Social Security, pensions and all other retirement accounts along with future health care needs.